Michelle (Michi) Lee- Owner/Founder

My name is Michi and Esthetics is my passion! I kind of fell into this career and I never looked back. When I was younger I wanted to be a nurse but during clinicals one of my favorite patients passed away and I realized I couldn’t stand to lose the people I was caring for. I then was told by one of my close friends to look into Cosmetology because I was always changing my hair color, I went into registration to sign up for the Cosmetology class and was told it was full but the Esthetician class had some openings so I registered for that class and two weeks in I knew I had found my calling!
Graduated from Pickens Technical College December 17th 2015, certifications in Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion’s. Skilled with Waxing, facials, galvanic, high frequency, eyelash extensions, microdermabrasion’s and chemical peels. I am currently interested in taking laser courses, Microblading and Microneedling classes.

My philosophy is to treat everyone as if they are my family member, treat all skin preciously and make everyone Feel Beautiful. 
I got into this industry to solve skin problems and make people feel beautiful, our skin naturally has the ability to heal and maintain its health. With some routine maintenance and natural products the skin will begin to flourish. For this reason I am looking into more natural based products to use at my company, products that don’t have unknown ingredients. My husband and I are about to buy a house with a fair amount of property and are planning to have a mini farm, I just received my bee hive in the mail and plan to use my locally grown honey in my treatments because of its humectant, clarifying and antibacterial properties. I have two dogs, a 6-year-old Saint Bernard and a 1-year-old old Italian Mastiff that I love dearly. 

Michi Lee, Owner/Founder of Lee Lee's